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Welcome to CarrotCakeCinema, the home of Film Programmer and Educationalist Patrick Bliss


17-05-10: Trailers for Salisbury International Arts Festival 21 May-05 June:

10-03-10: Salisbury International Festival: Programme Announced

A nourishing alternative to the multiplex
Far from the hustle and bustle of the multiplex, with their day glow sweet stalls and action packed blockbusters, there lies a more nourishing cinema experience. Carrot cake cinema is a term that journalists and marketing companies have used to describe non mainstream films and cinemas, which tend not to serve popcorn but always have a lovely selection of cakes on the menu. The term has become synonymous with arthouse, world cinema, community cinema, film festivals, low budget independent films, documentaries and classics from the archive - Everything, in-fact, that you can be sure will not be playing at your local multiplex.

If the people are tired of popcorn, let them eat cake
If you are interested in starting your own community film screenings, organising film based events or need help with cinema programming, audience development or post film talks, then I am here to help. Through relationships with UK distributors and a sound knowledge of film exhibition industry, film appreciation and entertainment event marketing, I can provide a complete cinema programming consultancy service including:

Recommending and sourcing films
Obtaining screening rights
Film studies (talks, workshops, screening notes, further viewing) Preparing marketing and publicity materials
Press and community liaison
Venue and technical liaison
recommendations etc)
Fundraising for cinema projects

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